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             Pledges unique, customized. enriching, experiences, prioritizing safety and value                                                                for money.

                  ADVEISOR is a Portmanteau – A word combining two words – Adventure Advisor


                                           Latin America – Welcome to the wild side!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller

Certainly, South America has interested you and whatever the reason…. let us assure you that you are on an adventurous track. This continent is a must-have on your bucket list.

Let us assure you that you are in the right company. We know what we do and we do it well.


Which countries to visit in South America? 

Brazil, Peru and Argentina is a perfect mix and you can have a complete experience of what this continent best offers. This would take 17 days due to long travel distances and appropriate time to rest so that one can enjoy it thoroughly.

If you cannot afford to stay that long, then we advise you to do one or a maximum of two countries to start with. Brazil and Peru or Brazil and Argentina 

Now if you are one of those travelers who must include something that very few fortunate souls have experienced then please don’t hesitate to contact us for our Unique Tours. These are places that even most South Americans don’t know of. 

Latam Adventure (Adveisor) is uniquely poised to deliver that special experience 

We know exactly what Indians need and we all know …. our needs are special.  Life mein thoda massala toh chahiyee boss!!!! 

Massive, beautiful continent! Vibrant culture ……. with exciting, loving and beautiful people.  What an intoxicating mix! And this is exactly what you would be experiencing during this stay. 

We want you to have that breathless moment, mix with the locals, tap into that samba, learn to make a typical South American dish, hum along with local musicians and fall in love. 

One important aspect of any travel is security and that comes from knowledge of places and neighborhoods. Understanding the psyche and social norms that are unique to each region, helps us navigate in peace. Speaking the local language opens doors, especially when few speak English. 

We are well aware not only of the places to visit in South America, but, most importantly which places to avoid. It’s useless coming so far to experience something that we could have done in our own backyard. 

The idea is to get back home with a feeling that you have to visit this continent again. This is just the start of your adventure ….…. of your story!

We accomplish our mission by skillfully planning and capturing the whole experience taking into account the characteristics of each person and the group as a whole, around the aspects of life that matter:

  • Family - Small groups of maximum 6-10 people, interacting with nature and locals, stitching a close-knit adventure.

  • Social – Interactions with new cultures and getting to know them personally helps broadens our understanding of mankind. 

  • Health – New places and customs have to be closely monitored so that we remain healthy – both physically and mentally, during the whole trip 

  • Spiritual – We strongly recommend spending 30 mins daily on mind relaxing activities. Keeps us going!

  • Financial – Each trip is carefully planned to extract complete value for money. 


By embracing our core concepts of Immersive Entertaining Experiences, Economy, and Sustainability, we strive to attain our goal.




Our Vision


Earth is to be explored! Love and knowledge to be shared!


Our Mission


· Closing in cultures thru customized, enriching interactions


· Scintillating, holistic experience structured, crafted and captured through personal storytelling


· Being sustainable to all stakeholders through integration.


· Being a platform for happiness and change

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