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Bonito / Pantanal

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Activity Level: Moderate

All prices are per person based on double occupancy, for a minimum group of 4 people.

Single Room Occupancy: Add USD 400

Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include airfare (Add approx USD 300).

All prices and fares are quoted in U.S. dollars.

What’s Included:​​

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 21.23.14.png

1ltr Water per Day

Tasty food at key places that pleases the Indian palette. Meals: 8 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 1 dinner .

Multilingual guide speaking English, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish during the whole trip.

All road transport, including transfer to and fro to airports, venues and activities. Plane, Boat  and Private Van.

Accommodation: 4* Hotels.

  •  Snorkeling in the Anaconda Rivers. (actually seeing one is for the lucky few)

  • Get surprised in the caves filled with stalactites and blue ponds with some of the largest stalagmites of the world

  • Trails in the jungle with amazing waterfalls.

  • Optional activity of rappelling down 70mts into an abyss.

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São Paulo

Welcome to Brazil! Transport to a strategically located 4* Hotel.

Welcome dinner with a quick briefing, really quick! The trick is to serve Caipirinha to

ease the flow.

After this long travel and jet lag, it's time to get good amount of rest. We will see you tomorrow.

Boa noite! (Good Night)

(1 Dinner)


São Paulo

Breakfast over! Great lets hit the beach. Today we will go on a short road trip (4hrs) in a very comfortable vehicle with a ferry crossover to an island on the northern coast of Sao Paulo. Ilha Bela (Beautiful Island) - the sailing capital of Brazil awaits us.

We will have a lunch stopover at one of the smaller, but, pristine beaches – Toque Toque.


Do our check-in and immediately get refreshed by a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

(1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch)



Early breakfast, coz, we have a 1,45mins flight to catch. On our way to Bonito (`beautiful´ in Portuguese)!


Once we reach Campo Grande airport we have a 4hr road trip to Bonito. Be prepared coz the way is full of wildlife. Got to be cautious of the wild animals crossing the streets. Animals that we have never seen before


Lunch on the way C.Gr - Bonito


Check into our hotel and after an hour’s rest we go out to see the city. It's a very small town but there are quite a few cute places to sit and enjoy the night.

(1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch)



We start off by going to Aquario Natural. Get our first classes in snorkeling at this natural pond that is so clear that is called an aquarium. Limestone riverbeds have given this unique touch. Transparent blue rivers!!! For first-timers snorkeling in rivers, this is pure bliss.


After lunch in the afternoon, we go on this trek thru the jungle to explore around 8 beautiful waterfalls all of which can be approached swimming if one feels strong



(1 Breakfast)



This is for the true adventurer, coz, we have to rappel down 70meters into an underground cave -the size of a football field- with a crystal clear pond. Some of the worlds largest undeerwater stalagmites (18mts) can be explored snorkeling or diving.

Pulling back up is where the trip starts getting nasty. But there is always an Indian way around!


Boca da Onça - We can do a similar rappel experience where we rappel down nearly 90mts suspended in a valley, with the added benefit of not having to pull back. 


After an exciting tiring day.......we deserve a good drink, some lovely music and good food to eat. We will interact with locals and get to know more about their local cultures and cuisine. Time to unwind and socialize.

(1 Breakfast)


São Paulo

We have the option to go to visit a place which called Gruta do Lago Azul, which literally translates into `Cave with a blue lake´. If done at the right time the sight is mesmerizing.


After lunch, we head for the airport on our way back to Sampa (São Paulo as referred by locals)

(1 Breakfast)


São Paulo

Today I will be welcoming you guys to my home. Idea is to relax and enjoy. And enjoy you will!!!

(1 Breakfast, 1 After-Party)


I love doing this coz, I love people and I love adventure….so its only natural that I get emotional when its time say ……Até logo meu amigos!!! See you soon my friends!!!

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